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About Dean Marinac

Highly sought after in Australia and internationally to facilitate interactive workshops, innovative team training and as an inspiring and motivating speaker for conferences and events, Dean Marinac has presented to over 22,000 business owners in his expansive career.

Described as authentic, engaging, funny, inspiring and real – Dean has the unique ability to capture his audience and create real change in business and in life.

Dean has worked with hundreds of small to medium businesses in a consulting and coaching capacity. He has coached and trained more than 60 business coaches across Australia and New Zealand to help their clients take their businesses to the next level. Dean is a successful entrepreneur in his own right and is the founder of i-Generation, a company dedicated to helping business people build massive momentum! With his personal philosophy of “bringing people together to create new possibilities in business and in life” at the core of everything he does, Dean moves his clients powerfully towards success.

To compliment his practical experience gained over 22 years, Dean has completed Post Graduate studies in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has ‘world leading’ knowledge in these fields and brings this to every situation he is engaged in. Dean also has formal qualifications in Marketing, Information Systems and Human Resources Management.

Dean has worked with large groups of senior management, front line teams, and even his clients’ customers, to solve problems and implement new ideas. In addition, Dean is working with accounting firms and other professional services businesses across Australia and New Zealand to improve their profitability, cashflow and growth.

Dean’s passion is supporting and stretching people to ensure they build strong businesses for the future prosperity of all communities where these businesses operate. As he says…

When you enhance your mindset and harness your passion; when you apply your expertise and take action; you build massive momentum!

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