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Our Story

Bringing people together to  create new possibilities in business and in life through strategy, education, and implementation support is the guiding philosophy of i-Generation and founder, Dean Marinac.

By bringing diverse perspectives and focusing them towards a specific outcome, i- Generation has helped hundreds of professional services firms take action and deliver superior results that contribute massively to their success in business and in life.

Our Culture

Working with i-Generation, you will discover how to operate at your peak and tap into your passion. We are totally committed to helping you create the ultimate success you’re after. We do this through open and honest communication, total focus, strong accountability, massive motivation and energy, a total commitment to supporting you all the way and little fun!

Our Background

You will benefit from “on the ground” practical experience spanning a number of industries including aviation and tourism, hospitality, retail, banking, finance, accounting, employment, manufacturing, and sales.

With energy, enthusiasm and wide knowledge to guide you through a process specifically designed to meet your needs, you will quickly develop a plan of action to take your business beyond what you might think is possible. With formal qualifications in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing and Information Systems, Dean Marinac brings rigour with flexibility, and creativity with a commercial reality.

Experienced in facilitating strategic planning sessions, workshops, and presenting to more than 23,000 business owners all over Australia and New Zealand, Dean engages you with his common sense approach, down to earth style, and sense of fun! He brings a realistic, pragmatic, practical approach to his clients which frees their potential to create new possibilities in a relaxed yet focused way.

Our Performance Commitment

i-Generation is a strategic partner for you and your business. We develop our approach to give you clarity and comfort in achieving the results you want using the best tools and strategies to get the job done.

We are committed to providing you the highest level of service and quality in all of our dealings with you. Your success is our focus and we will only recommend strategies that we would use ourselves!

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