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Why work with us to boost your business performance?

It’s normal to ask “Why should I work with you?” Here’s a list of 40 reasons to answer that question for you!

1. You’re not an expert in marketing and selling professional services based on value and we are
2. You don’t make enough time to improve your own business
3. You’re looking for faster and easier ways to get results
4. Because without a proactive approach to promoting and marketing your business, you’re the best kept secret at what you do in your market place
5. You need focused implementation, not more ideas
6. You don’t know what you don’t know about enhancing your business because you’re in it
7. You’re tired of throwing money at programs that don’t meet your needs or deliver a rock solid return
8. You want to regain control of your business performance and results
9. You’re tired of mediocrity and are ready to commit to real business success
10. You realize that for every dollar you spend in enhancing your business, you should get at least $3 in return!
11. Because of our brilliant testimonials from a wide range of professionals in your field
12. Because we’ve been there, invested in it, learned it, applied it, and now we teach how to do it!
13. You get the strategies, tools, tactics, and the right implementation you need to generate the results you want
14. You’re in good hands, because we’ve delivered over 400 presentations and workshops to more than 22,000 business owners and professionals since 2006
15. We’ve worked with hundreds of professional services firms on how to enhance their business performance
16. Because we have an application process that you must go through before we work together – you need to have more than just a heartbeat and a cheque book!
17. Because our programs are tailored to give you the precise focus you need to achieve the results you want
18. Because we have the knowledge, expertise, information, and education you need to get results faster!
19. Because we have a 100% guarantee as follows: “we’re better than anyone who’s cheaper; and we’re cheaper than anyone who’s better.”
20. Because we know professional services, their challenges, and what their clients aren’t getting which helps you stand out from your competitors more effectively

21. You pay the one price for unlimited support – we focus on your outcomes rather than charging based on time
22. The fee is the fee – and if you’re not making back 3-10x our fee after our work, one of us is not doing his job… and it’s not usually us!
23. You know there are always better ways to do things and you want better business outcomes
24. Because not addressing your weaknesses will cost you far more than you’ll ever invest with us
25. If you’re not comfortable investing money with us, why would you expect your prospects to spend their money with you?
26. Because developing and growing your business and your people is a serious priority for you
27. Your business might be struggling and you’re finally prepared to face the reasons why
28. You can spend less and you’ll get less – and you can also spend more and you’ll still get less
29. Because we have openings in our client calendar right now – or typically wait 3-6 months
30. Because the longer you delay getting your business in order, the longer you’ll be in a state of confusion, inaction, and overwhelm, and the more it will cost you
31. Because “waiting for the right time or until my business picks up” to invest is like saying “I’m sick but I’ll wait until I feel better to go to the doctor.”
32. You might not qualify to work with us anyway – we only work with people who are serious about doing what it takes to achieve better results
33. You’re not satisfied with next year’s revenue being much like last year’s revenue
34. Because mediocre service for mediocre results is simply not part of your business culture
35. Because by working together you’ll very quickly discover where the hot spots are and get on with dealing with them specifically
36. Because we’re typically committed to you achieving your objectives more than you are and we won’t let you off the hook!
37. Because you want to stop the “roller coaster” revenue ride and get a proactive handle on your business performance before you hit the next drop
38. You know there are better ways of doing business and we can teach you and your people how to do it
39. Because the person you are most likely to break a commitment to is yourself
40. Because you need expertise, advice, and resources to get the right things done and we have them – simple!

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