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Business Advisory and Consulting

i-Generation business advisory and consulting work is tailored for each client’s needs because we know that every engagement will have its own requirements to achieve the desired results. We also know that some projects are finite in terms of time and budget so we offer our services on a flexible, case by case basis.

Whether you’re a sole practitioner, a company with multiple directors, or a multinational organisation, i-Generation has worked with individuals and teams to implement special projects and one off initiatives that deliver the right outcomes. We work with our clients to identify the most important things to get done, and then roll the sleeves up and get on with it!

It’s all about building massive momentum towards your goal. Momentum can be unstoppable when focused in the right direction.

Some of our business advisory and consulting engagements include:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Competitor analysis & strategy development
  • Project management & implementation support
  • Leadership development
  • People Capital development
  • Process Improvement / Re-engineering
  • Product / Service development
  • Client research including focus groups and survey methods
  • Succession Planning
  • Tender submissions
  • Quality and Risk Policy development
  • Systems reviews and implementations

To get focused, make improvements faster, and achieve better outcomes in business and in life, you simply must contact us for a confidential discussion to determine how best to achieve your goals!