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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about dealing with us!

Since working with you, we have grown our annual revenue by 209% in less than 12 months! This was not luck. It was through a systematic and targeted approach to attract the “right type” of new clients.
Mark Cranny, Intellective
Just a quick note to say thank you and how much I appreciate your continued support – you have made a huge impact on my work and life.
Robert Marzol, Marzol Holloway
I just wanted to say that thanks so much for organising all of this (recruitment service) for us. Having you advertise and vet prospective candidates as well as organise all of the meetings has saved us so much time and allowed us to concentrate on day to day business.
Shannon Aspinall, BIS Cosgrove
I have worked closely with Dean now for more than 5 years and it is fair to say he has changed everything for the better.

As a sole trader, one of the difficulties you have is seeing things objectively. Dean has been able to help me drill down on the strengths and weaknesses of my business, and work with me hand in hand to maximise every opportunity.

Working with Dean has produced tangible results, with the business increasing in revenue by 50% with no additional outlays. I am now able to work smarter instead of harder.

Dean is highly skilled, filled with integrity, driven, is able to extract the best from the people he works with and is a great motivator and facilitator.

Richard Cameron, Axiom Consulting
Dean has facilitated planning days for me and I must say his contribution was the winning formula my team and I needed! Dean is a superior facilitator and can build a connection at all levels. He keeps his audiences engaged to achieve best results and he takes personal accountability for achieving your desired outcomes.

I would highly recommend Dean if you are an outcome driven person who wants results. Dean, I would like to personally thank you for all your help and support over the years, I am getting many praises for our recent workshop.

Richard Busso, ANZ Banking Group Australia
Dean, a big thank you for your time – you always have the ability to make it sound so simple – you made me realise what we have so far is nothing compared to what we could have & have made me hungry again.
Peter Locandro, ZJL Partners
At times I had to laugh at Dean’s insight into my own office, wondering if he had placed a hidden camera there, picking up on my messy desk and top time wasters… it was great to be reminded again and inspired to make those changes.
Deborah Lowndes, Gosford Business Improvement District
I liked the interaction that Dean promoted amongst the group. The session was worthwhile because we set goals for future development and created new ideas and challenged historic methods of firm operations.
Lee Patsky, Proctor Major

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