Marketing does not have to be mysterious, overly costly, or complex. I wanted to share this example with you that was inspired by a meeting I had with an accounting firm on the Gold Coast. It is a fantastic example of thinking outside the box to achieve the result you want.

Some five years ago, this accounting business was operating from a small home office. The premises was situated on a busy suburban road right next to three schools. You can imagine the volume of traffic that would pass by each day. Naturally, the firm owner wanted to advertise his business by displaying a sign out the front of the premises. This is where the problems started.

Submitting the paperwork for the right clearance from local authorities resulted in a bureaucratic nightmare that would cost more than $20,000 just to put a small sign out the front of his business if he went ahead. So what did he do?

Well, the premises had a driveway out the front and parked in it was a big bold black pick-up truck. So, he proceeded to put signage all over it! He then repositioned it in the driveway for all to see!

Now I know this might seem completely obvious and common sense, yet too often we focus on the barrier in front of us rather than looking for ways around it.  The result in this case was a sign bigger than anything he was ever planning to put up in the first place, no bureaucracy, and a mobile billboard!

So let me ask you…what challenges or barriers are you facing in your business right now that might just need a little radical thinking? What are the sources of frustration for you right now and what could you do differently to achieve the outcomes you want?

Build massive momentum!